The New Gray’s Fish Cookbook – SC


by Rebecca Gray

Trade Paperback edition
6" X 9"
236 pages
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“This cookbook is a reflection of me, here and now, not just me when I was
thirty-something and wrote the first edition, but me as a sixty year old—and
now a longtime fisherman. If a cookbook is good, has that character, it has
gone beyond the primary purpose of instruction and moved on to entertain
and inspire. this is accomplished by revealing bias, passion, inspiration,
humor, and probably even frailty, those human traits that combine to create
an identity, and which are much more robust now that I’m sixty. And yes and
hurrah, this is done all in a milieu of cooking and eating wild.”

So writes Rebecca Gray in the Preface.

Revised and updated from its classic predecessor, this beautiful and very
useful book treats fish cookery with style, affection and attention to detail.
complete with 67 menus and hundreds of recipes in enticing and
imaginative combinations, The New Gray’s Fish Cookbook sets a standard of
thoughtfulness and quality against which other cookbooks in the field, past
and future, should be measured.

“Anytime Becky Gray gets around cooking, trust me: something magical is
going to happen.”
—Winston Groom
Author of Patriotic Fire and Forrest Gump