Paddle Beads – HC


by O. Ross McIntyre

Hardcover edition
6" X 9"
Dust jacket
172 pages
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Ross McIntyre and his wife Jean spent 40 years together paddling
the great wilderness rivers of North America. Paddle Beads is Ross’s
inspirational and moving memoir of those trips and the resultant
lifetime journey they took together. For those whose hands have
not yet grown a paddle callus, McIntyre offers a glimpse of what
to expect as a canoe paddle becomes a real companion. For those
with miles of water behind and more to come, these pieces will
vividly bring back the sensation as the bow rises on a wave or as
the canoe leans into a turn. And for those who are content to sit
comfortably at the fireside and dream about the way things should
be, Paddle Beads will take your imagination on a lasting journey.