Gray’s Venison Cookbook


by Rebecca Gray

Trade Paperback
6"X 9"
102 pages
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This handy little cookbook packs an amazing number of delicious
meals into its 102 pages. Selected from the pages of the masterful
The New Gray’s Wild Game Cookbook these full-course venison menus
run the gamut from quick-and-easy to elegant-and-expert.
Each recipe is a personal favorite of Rebecca Gray, the Expert
Editor for Game and Wild Edibles for the Joy of Cooking: 75th
Anniversary Edition.

Peppered with anecdotes and detailed instructions and capped
with a full chapter on game care from the field to the table, Gray’s
Venison Cookbook is a complete cookbook in a very compact size.

“Becky Gray’s cooking is to die for—as any number of birds, animals,
and fish will tell you. And hush, you vegans, these critters were
pleased and proud to wind up on Becky’s stove. When our time
comes, be so lucky to get such respectful memorial feasts. ”
—P.J. O’Rourke