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Featured: Far Alaska, a funny, moving and fast-paced road novel by Mason Smith. Paddle Beads, a wilderness canoeing memoir by O. Ross McIntyre. A great read. Available now. The Old Amulet, a timeless fable by Ed Gray. Available now. In the coming months, we’ll announce more titles. As will be our standard practice, each will…

Far Alaska

Far Alaska cover

Two mismatched characters  head northwest across Canada toward Alaska in Mason Smith’s funny, fast-paced road novel. Read more about this book.

Paddle Beads

Paddle Beads

O. Ross McIntyre‘s thoughtful, informative, and ultimately moving account of a lifetime of wilderness canoeing with his wife Jean and a few close friends. Original illustrations by Bert Dodson. Read more about this book.

Keeping Track

Keeping Track

The best of Ed Gray‘s outdoor pieces. Written over the course of 20 years by the founding editor of Gray’s Sporting Journal, each of these 70 short pieces was originally meant to stand alone. Taken as a whole, they form a very personal and moving memoir of a thoughtful life spent in the outdoors with…

Gray’s Venison Cookbook

Gray's Venison Cookbook

Selected from the pages of Rebecca Gray’s masterful The New Gray’s Wild Game Cookbook these full-course venison menus run the gamut from quick-and-easy to elegant-and-expert. Peppered with anecdotes and detailed instructions and capped with a full chapter on game care from the field to the table, Gray’s Venison Cookbook is a complete cookbook in a…

E-book Versions

E-book delivery systems — readers, retailers, formats — are changing fast. We’re paying close attention. For now,  we’re holding back on our cookbooks — tables of ingredients and layered indexes do not yet translate easily to the formatting requirements of e-readers and we don’t want to deliver a substandard product. We’re keeping after this. Please…