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We publish in four categories:


Game, fish, and other wild edibles.


Literary fiction, historical fiction, outdoor-based fiction, and thrillers written on a large canvas of historical and/or political events.


Thought-provoking narratives of important historical and political events.


Outdoor-based memoirs, wartime accounts, and memoirs of active participation in historical and global events of note.

How we publish:

Our books are published simultaneously in hardcover, softcover, and e-book. You won’t have to wait for the format you prefer.

Where you’ll find our books:

Everywhere, we hope. In bookstores large and small, online, and directly from us. Here on our web site you’ll find all our titles at 20% off the retail price. If you purchase a book here, it can be signed by the author or not, your choice, same price.

Right now, we invite you to take a closer look at our titles. With our Page Flip feature, you’ll be able to browse inside each one. We know you love books. We hope you like ours.

A note to authors and agents:

We’re always looking. You can find us in Publishers Marketplace.


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